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Available through all Lunn’s showrooms

Available: For all claw set items

Timescale: From 4 weeks

Pricing: An estimate will be provided

It is necessary from time to time to rebuild the claws on stone set items. The claws hold stones securely and it is unavoidable that they will wear, particularly on rings. When claws are sufficiently worn the security of the stone will be at risk. Claws are re-tipped to prevent this occurring.

Claw Re-Tipping:

  • Our customer service team will inspect items and advise if re-tipping is necessary.
  • Pieces will be sent to our specialist workshop where a goldsmith will replace the top section of each claw.
  • The item will then be cleaned and refurbished.
  • If the item is made from white gold, it will be rhodium plated.