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Watch Bracelet Valet
Available through all Lunn’s showrooms

Available for: all metal watch bracelets

Timescale: from 2 weeks

Prices: from £50* depending on model

Our watchmakers are accredited to perform valets to the majority of models we sell in store. Each watchmaker has undergone rigorous training to ensure the original finish (matt or polished) is restored. Valets can to be carried out to most cases and/or bracelets. In some instances of heavy wear it is impossible to remove deep marks. Our service team will advise on inspection of the watch.

Watch Bracelet

Bracelet valeting

  • The bracelet is removed from the case .
  • The parts are thoroughly cleaned
  • The bracelet is polished by specialised polishing equipment, according to the type of finish.
  • The bracelet is steam cleaned with a pressurised water system before drying.
  • The bracelet is re-attached to the case and checked to guarantee future security.
* Some bracelets may not be suitable to be valeted due to condition or age. Our service team will advise on inspection of your watch.