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Available through all Lunn’s showrooms

Available on certain models for: Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer

Timescale: From 4 weeks

Prices: Please contact our Customer Service department

Many of the watches that we service are carried out in our in-house workshop. Our team of watch makers have been trained and accredited by the individual brands we sell. Each brand of watch is serviced according to the brands stipulations. The equipment our watchmakers use is approved and recommended by our partners. In certain cases we do not have the resources to service particular models in-house. In these cases, the watch is returned directly to the manufacturer to service. Please contact our Customer Service department for more information.

The servicing of a watch involves:

  • The movement (including the hands and the dial) is completely taken apart.
  • The parts are thoroughly cleaned
  • Any worn or defective movement components are replaced or repaired before being re-assembled.
  • The bracelet/strap is removed and the case is dismantled.
  • The case is ultrasonically cleaned and re-assembled with a new water resistant seal.
  • A case and bracelet refurbishment is carried out if applicable under the manufacturer criteria.
  • A functional check is performed (including precision and power reserve checks according to the movement calibre and brand recommendations). This is carried out with a state of the art diagnostics machine.
  • The watch under goes water-resistancy testing.
  • A final check of the accuracy and the power reserve is undertaken over several days if appropriate.